8 Captivating Instagram Story Ideas for 2022

Instagram Stories are a fun way to engage your followers and post quick-to-create content. However, while you can use it to publish unfiltered, in-the-moment photographs and videos, your audience will quickly grow bored. If you want to keep your Instagram Stories audience engaged, you’ll also need to plan ahead and be a little inventive.


This includes more than just making visually appealing Instagram Stories; it also includes keeping the material itself interesting, current, and interactive. Here are eight unique Instagram Story ideas to get you started:

1. Promote a Sale with Adorable Stickers

Instagram Stories are an excellent platform for firms and entrepreneurs to share a promotion or discount. While you may already be doing this, you may be more creative by incorporating a cute sticker to draw attention to the offer. Animated stickers make a statement and draw attention to the discount.

The Ghibli Premium Store account shares Stories on a regular basis with amusing stickers highlighting the current sale.


Additionally, you may include a countdown sticker that counts down until the end of your sale. This is ideal for increasing the urgency of your Story and encouraging more people to take advantage of the offer before it expires.

2. Welcome New Members to Your Team

Instagram Stories, with their raw character, provide the ideal opportunity to get more personal. This entails shining a light on the people who run the firm (or the social media team). This is applicable to businesses, as well as content creators and entrepreneurs.


Utilize Instagram Stories to introduce new team members or to tell a tale about an employee. You might even start an employee takeover series in which each employee shares a daily “day in the life of” post. This helps to humanise your brand and establish a stronger connection with your audience.

3. Write Spotlight Stories on Specific Subjects

Creating Stories around events that matter to your audience is an excellent approach to strengthen your relationship with them. Utilize Instagram Stories to highlight individuals, businesses, and products associated with month-long observances such as Black History Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, and Pride Month, among others.

Apartment Therapy uses Instagram Stories to produce a Black-Owned Small Business Spotlight series for Black History Month. In this series, black small business entrepreneurs such as Megan of @everythineantiques share their storey in order to educate others about their businesses and walk them through a typical day in their lives as small business owners.

4. Make Your Customers the Center of Attention

Instagram Stories are intended to assist you in establishing a connection with your audience. And what better way to engage with them than to shine a spotlight on them? Utilize Stories to share glowing client evaluations, comments, blogs, and Stories. Additionally, you may incorporate before-and-after photographs and testimonials into your Stories. This form of user-generated material not only makes existing customers feel appreciated, but it also provides social proof to help prospective customers gain trust.

For example, Drunk Elephant uses Stories to publish consumer images showcasing their products. They tag customers in their posts and even include a purchasing link so that their followers can purchase the same item.

5. Incorporate Creativity into Your Polls

Polls, which allow users to choose between two alternatives, are an excellent method to keep your following interested. Make your polls unique and utilise them to gain a better understanding of your audience.

If you’re at a loss for content ideas, conduct polls and solicit feedback from your audience on their preferred sorts of material. For instance, ask them to vote on what they’d like to see more of from you. You may even solicit their feedback on a new form of content you’re experimenting with.


Polls are also an excellent tool for gauging customer desire. What does your audience require assistance with? What are they on the lookout for? Are there any unsatisfied needs? How well-known is one product in comparison to another? Conduct regular surveys on your Stories to ascertain what your clients want.


Amorino Gelato uses polls to determine customer preference for various sweet delights.

6. Create a Countdown to a Significant Event

If you’re anticipating a major event, such as a product launch, an Instagram Live session, or a sale, utilise the countdown sticker to generate excitement. Your followers can click on the timer and set a reminder, which will send them an email when the event goes live. This is an excellent way to pique your audience’s interest in an upcoming event while also promoting increased involvement.

For instance, Fenty Beauty published a countdown timer before the introduction of their new Fenty Icon lipstick collection.

7. Share Posts/Articles That Mention You

When another account makes a reference to yours, it strengthens your trustworthiness and acts as social proof. It demonstrates to your followers that others are speaking about and acknowledging you. In other circumstances, it also demonstrates to them that others are endorsing you, which can assist create trust. Therefore, whenever a consumer, influencer, or business makes a reference to you, consider adding the mention to your Story.

Onitsuka Tiger released Stories from influencer accounts expressing gratitude for their Lunar New Year gifts.

8. Demonstrate the Manufacturing Process

The public adores transparency. And Instagram Stories is the ideal platform for increasing transparency with your fans by demonstrating how your items are manufactured. In the case of content makers, you can also demonstrate how you develop your material, including how you gather ideas, shoot photos, and edit your images.

@titsayy, a well-known artist, used her Instagram Stories to showcase her work in progress and the supplies she used to create it. This is an excellent approach to engage your fans, whether you’re a business or a content producer.

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