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Omni-channel presence

Delight your customers with effortless omnichannel communication for support and marketing

Fast, effective communication is key for any business looking to grow while maintaining customer delight.

Today there are a plethora of communication channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Web, Mobile, Ticket Boards, Phone Calls etc,.

It becomes close to impossible to keep track of all communication channels seamlessly without the proper software and implementation.

ASR-IIS consults, develops and implements the right channels via cloud-based softwares.

We help you keep track of internal communications as well as outbound or customer care communications.

The right tools will save your team valuable time and will save your firm millions of dollars in wasted resources and revenue leakage.

Accelerate customer experience

Connect on channels that customers love and improve retention rate

Impress customers with availability in their channel of choice, and seamless transitions at any point in their journey. Integrate a blend of conversational experiences including live-chat, web, mobile and contact center support.

Customer Rentention+90%
Time-Saved for Service Agents+75%
Effective Marketing+92%
On-Time Support+80%

Engage with context

Deliver personalized experiences at scale. Engage across the right channels with the right messaging at the right time.


Reach your customer via Emails. Send personalized messages, newsletters and value at scale

SMS / WhatsApp

Notify and market to your audience segments via traditional SMS's and new-age WhatsApp medium which makes it easier to reach customers at speed and scale


No better way to reach your customers than social media. Today social media has over 2 billion active users which makes it the go-to channel

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