Swiggy Pilots Drone Delivery in India: 300+ Drone Deliveries of Food and Medicine Without An Accident

Swiggy, the food delivery unicorn, and ANRA Technologies, an integrated airspace firm, have undertaken over 300 drone-assisted deliveries of food and pharmaceuticals in India as part of a trial.

Drone-assisted Food and Medicine Delivery

These trials were reportedly conducted as part of a contract between the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

These are intended to assist in the development of the next set of drone rules for operations beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

The firms stated that this was the first time such missions had been conducted in India.

What Is BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight)?

BVLOS is a sort of drone mission in which the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operates beyond the pilot’s normal visual range.

These trials require sophisticated technologies, mapping, and much more to be conducted successfully.

They were done by ANRA’s flight team on the campus of the Indian Institute of Technology in Ropar, Punjab, and in the Etah area of Uttar Pradesh.

352 drone testing totaling over 100 flight hours were undertaken, covering 1,100 kilometres of incident-free flights.

ANRA's Involvement In Drone Trials

Additionally, these multirotor drones were built on the SmartSkies CTR and SmartSkies DELIVERY platforms from ANRA.

In essence, these two platforms assist drone operators with tracking, monitoring, deconflicting, and other information necessary for completing BVLOS operations at low altitudes.

How Is This Beneficial?

Dale Vaz, Swiggy’s chief technology officer (CTO), stated on this occasion, “The recently ended pilot will assist pave the road for the use of commercial drones in facilitating our consumers’ middle and last mile journeys.”

According to the firms, the initiative was intended to aid in the development of “autonomous, self-directed, and scalable” systems for managing and monitoring BVLOS drone operations at scale.

These operations involve operators to consider topography, potential impediments, airspace traffic, and weather, among other factors.

Additionally, these technologies make data available to service providers.

Additionally, it is capable of notifying other stakeholders, such as government authorities and public safety organisations.

The firms claim that the system will ensure that only authenticated and licenced drones are permitted to fly in the area.

ANRA’s unmanned air traffic management (UTM) system was offered to government stakeholders and the Indian Air Force to provide real-time situational awareness, monitoring, and authorisation of these tests.

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