How effective bots can benefit your brand (and Fight Fraud)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a robot?


Do you envision a malicious scraper bot stealing web page content? Or perhaps a spybot that collects your personal information without your consent. Perhaps it is neither, and you are instead reminded of two good friends from a certain interstellar film franchise.


When we hear the word bot, the majority of us immediately think of a malicious bot (e.g. zombie bot). After all, malicious bots have significantly contributed to the multibillion-dollar ad fraud problem. Additionally, they are frequently mentioned in the media in relation to cyberattacks, so it is not difficult to understand why bots have a negative reputation. However, not every bot is malicious. There are bots that can assist your brand with a variety of tasks, including combating fraud.

Here is what you should know:

The Advantages of Good Bots

As many times as bots can be used maliciously, they can also be utilised for good. Utilizing intelligent bots can provide strategic benefits for your brand. For instance, they can assist you with answering product-related inquiries from customers during peak (or off-peak) hours. They are also an excellent tool for scouring the web for negative mentions in order to protect your brand’s reputation.


Here are a few ways in which bots can be an asset to your brand.


Chatbots. Chatbots are utilised on numerous websites for customer service. They can assist potential customers by answering fundamental questions and providing product or service details. They can also aid in the fight against fraud by issuing security alerts in the event of a potential security breach. For instance, your bank may have a chatbot that notifies you of any suspicious account activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Monitoring Bots. Periodically, these internet bots monitor web pages and report metrics such as page load time and website performance. You can use these bots to detect any technical issues on your website, allowing you to improve site performance and possibly detect fraud as well. Your metric may reflect an anomaly caused by malicious bot traffic. Utilizing these bots to automatically check your website and notify you of any issues is beneficial.



Copyright Bots. Copyright bots oppose scraper bots when they attempt to steal content from reputable websites. These bots are programmed to identify duplicate content, and they continuously search the web for stolen content, protecting your hard work from exploitation by fraudsters.



Crawlers. A crawler (sometimes referred to as a spider) is a bot that works in tandem with search engines and discovers pages to index. These crawlers “crawl” billions of web pages in order to collect information. They determine the ranking of your pages, which is why it is essential to keep your SEO up to date. If your optimization is effective, these crawlers will boost your site’s position, increasing its visibility.

Don't Let Bad Bots Deter You

Certainly, there are more malicious bots (28.9 percent) than good bots (22.9%), which is intimidating, but do not be disheartened. Although fewer in number, legitimate bots still pack a powerful punch, protecting you from fraud, enhancing brand safety, and enhancing customer service. Utilizing these beneficial bots effectively protects your web assets from malicious bots.


Keep in mind that not all bots are malicious. Some bots simply want to assist, which is not so bad, is it?

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