Refund Policy

Welcome to ASR Media Pro!

Here we keep our client’s need as a priority.

Our services are digital in nature, i.e, Website design, Mobile App design, Digital Marketing etc,. which makes our refund policy simple and clear.

We commit a timeline and output to you and your project and we share a signed/stamped agreement. If we fail to meet the commitment for whatsoever reason, we offer a full 100% refund.

We only take a token of advance payment before initiating any project, not the full amount. So your payments are safe and secured. And we offer 100% refund on token amount in case of failure to deliver.

In rare cases such as rejection of delivery by client, in spite of fulfilling commitment, we offer partial refund (50%) only. Since the time and efforts of our resources needs to be compensated for. We strive to amicably solve any misunderstanding and we always look forward to completing the project with utmost professionalism.

This makes our portfolio stronger and we believe in making long term relationships with clients.

This is what has kept us going and kept us growing stronger over the past 5 years.

Rest assured. You are in good hands!

– From the Founder,
Arhaan Srivastv


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