This Pixel 4 Can Recognize Life-Changing Diseases

Developers from all over the world are attempting to simplify our lives by incorporating numerous new and cutting-edge technologies, such as health- related features, into smartphones.


As people in this century prefer intelligent methods.

Apparently, the Google Pixel 4 will soon have a feature that can detect life- threatening illnesses; in fact, one group of researchers is using this phone’s selfie camera to detect neurological diseases.

The DigiHealth Lab at UC San Diego, directed by professor Edward Wang, is attempting to convert smartphones into health-detecting monitors.

The primary objective is to convert these common devices into health- detecting monitors so that more people, including those who cannot afford the latest smartwatches or fitness technology, will have access to digital health tools.

The lab has been asked additional questions about how they intend to modify the Google Pixel 4 device.

As soon as they respond, we will provide additional information.

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