Four Methods to Set Your Emerging Ecommerce Brand Apart

Accept yourself as your No. 1 differentiator.

Aside from the quality of the products you provide, your company’s culture is its greatest asset. You and your employees are unique to your company, making you an instant differentiator that no other company can claim.


By emphasising the company’s cultural DNA, it creates a distinct appeal that no competitor can match.


Customers are not only purchasing your product, but also you. If they feel good about purchasing from a company with similar values and perspectives, they are “buying in” to your brand.


We have observed that companies with ambivalent feelings about their products are met with ambivalence from potential customers. Your enthusiasm inspires enthusiasm in others!

How do you highlight your culture?

Everything from marketing materials to product packaging should reflect the values reflected in your company’s mission statement.


Offer a live chat feature on your website that enables customers to receive support via email or phone at all times. This strategy also distinguishes your company from rivals, whose websites may offer only email or nothing at all. Live chat becomes a point of differentiation if your website offers it and the competing site does not. (Pro Tip: Ensure that the tone of customer service is consistent with your brand.)


Provide subscribers to your mailing list or newsletter with an exclusive community experience. This could include discount codes, access to member-only sales or giveaways, etc. Again, this is an aspect that no other rival can match.


Utilize an influencer marketing campaign to boost your company’s online presence. Since there are a growing number of social media influencers with large followings, this provides virtually limitless opportunities to promote your business to new audiences. For instance, if your product is geared toward mothers and infants, you could form a partnership with a popular parenting blog or Instagram account that targets the same demographic.

Never Skimp on Polishing

When you are enthusiastic about the impact your brand can have on the lives of others, it should be evident in every visual aspect. It’s one thing for you and your employees to care, but it’s quite another for your marketing to reflect this.


If you “phone it in,” it will show. It is worthwhile to invest in the look and feel of your marketing materials, images, and videos, as it can demonstrate your commitment to quality.

How does one exhibit polish?

Never undervalue the significance of your website’s design.


If you lack the resources to hire a full-time developer, it may be worthwhile to outsource to a design agency. Even if you’re trying to do everything in-house, ensure that every aspect of your website is well-designed and professional.

Invest in high-quality photography for packaging and marketing materials.

According to research, people are more likely to believe an image than text alone. Even if you cannot afford to hire a full-time photographer or outsource photos to a professional agency, you still have access to affordable options. Examine social media groups that connect local photographers with individuals in need of inexpensive work.

Don't skimp on the packaging's details.

This is where the majority of your “branding” will be displayed, so take the time to ensure it looks great. You have already demonstrated your ability to invest in what matters, so enjoy this process.

Ensure that all printed materials are of high quality and are easily readable.

Again, customers are purchasing your brand, not just a product. Your marketing materials should reinforce the buyer’s decision to purchase from you, not give them additional reasons not to.

Your website should not feel “under construction” or like a placeholder for a larger redesign that will occur later.

Consider that your website is the most visible representation of your company. Customers will move on if your website fails to convey that you are prepared to launch. You can achieve a polished website in a variety of ways: working with an agency or having an in-house development team are both effective, but can be quite expensive in the long run.

WooCommerce is one of many platforms that enable you to create a beautiful website on your own. Their tools and integrations make it simple to create polished websites.

Keep your communication concise.

Perhaps you should wait if you do not have much to say about your brand or if you struggle to convey the value proposition behind your offering. Companies that actively engage in a dialogue with their customers are able to connect with them on a deeper level and demonstrate an understanding of what their customers want, resulting in increased sales.

Trust is vital.

In this age of ecommerce, it is essential to establish customer trust by providing customers with secure payment options, answering any questions they may have, and demonstrating return policies.


Does this strategy for a more polished presentation require additional time and money? Certainly, but not to the extent that the alternative will cost you. While it is possible to achieve success based solely on the quality of your products and services, the emotional impact of a well-crafted presentation is what attracts and retains more customers.

Display what others adore about you.

As a new brand, you are constantly seeking additional customers to build momentum. One of the ways to keep the flow going is to emphasise what your first real customers appreciate most about you and your offerings. Do not forget to include visual elements to enhance the impact of testimonials and reviews. When you show real people who are enthusiastic about what your brand has to offer, it demonstrates that your business is supported by a vibrant community and culture.


This method also alleviates the pressure on first-time buyers who may have to make a purchase decision with limited information. When brands can clearly and concisely communicate their value proposition, customers are better equipped to make decisions.


Try engaging with your customers online as well, whether they’re answering questions about your products in Facebook groups or on Amazon; include the people who love your work when they comment online. It takes one minute to request permission to use their name and company affiliation when sharing content on social media or elsewhere, but it makes customers feel more connected to the brand. According to Womply, businesses that respond to a single customer review generate an average of 4 percent more revenue.


Additionally, you should integrate your social media profiles (especially Instagram) into your website. Many people examine a company’s website before making a purchase, but they also want to know who or what is behind it, whether it’s an individual or team. Social media profiles provide a glimpse into your company’s culture and can facilitate the formation of new customer relationships.


We strongly support displaying images of customers utilising a brand’s product. There are a number of tools that allow you to integrate images from your social media accounts onto your website, and there are additional ways to visually communicate these examples creatively.


This is the essence of “Social Proof”: when consumers see others enjoying your product, they should jump on board as well.

Discover How to Tell Your Brand's Tale

Marketing involves more than simply attracting the interest of potential customers. It is also about providing them with a reason to trust you by getting to know you better. Your company’s blog is an excellent way to share the unique qualities of your product, as well as other types of content that educate or entertain potential customers.

Consider your blog a tool for establishing your company as the go-to resource for what matters to your customers. Blog-using businesses generate 67 percent more leads per month on average. Fantastic if you have a blog. If you do not have a blog, you should create one and take advantage of this opportunity to connect with people who are interested in your products and company culture.

You’ll also find that blogging increases customer trust because it demonstrates your expertise and adds value they might miss elsewhere.

Consider using a video “About Us” page as well. This is an opportunity to establish a more personal relationship with your customers and give them a chance to learn more about you and the people they may be purchasing from. It also makes it easier for new viewers to feel a sense of connection and trust in your brand, since they know who is speaking.

Your personal presence is an extension of the brands you represent in the age of social media. Every month, over one billion people use Instagram. Consider what you’re missing out on and how much more effective your business could be with a presence on at least one active social media platform if you’re not already there.

The Last Word

These ideas are crucial for distinguishing your brand from an ever-expanding competitive jungle. How they pertain specifically to your brand and product line should be the focus of your attention. Our team at ASR Media Pro is pleased to assist you in identifying a strategy that will position your emerging ecommerce brand for sustained profitability.

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