How to Effectively Target Business Owners on Facebook: 15 Strategies

Facebook sets the bar for social media by providing some of the most robust advertising tools available.


Marketers can use Facebook Audience Insights to create unique personas based on demographic information such as age and location.


We are all aware that Facebook advertising categories are anything but standard, with categories ranging from niche to bizarre, such as friends of newlyweds, family members of expats, and even ecotourism enthusiasts.


Despite Facebook’s expansive capabilities, 66% of B2Bs running paid campaigns are still unsure how to effectively target business owners on the social network. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, beaten down, or stressed by Facebook ads, you’ve come to the right place.


Today, we’ll discuss some of the most effective Facebook B2B advertising categories and how to maximise their effectiveness.

Takeaways for business targeting on Facebook

  1. Install and configure the Facebook Pixel
  2. Construct custom and lookalike audiences
  3. Speak with administrators of Facebook business pages.
  4. Connect with Facebook fans of B2B media publications.
  5. Use Facebook to find B2B job titles
  6. Identify business owners based on their area of expertise or industry
  7. Connect with B2Bs on Facebook who have recently started a new job.
  8. Identify businesses that accept payments through Facebook
  9. Select business owners based on their technological capabilities.
  10. Use Facebook to connect with event organisers in the business world.
  11. Increase the number of subscribers to your business’s email list.
  12. Use account-based marketing to target specific businesses.
  13. Use Facebook to connect with B2Bs from specific generations.
  14. Create Facebook ads for the followers of your competitors.
  15. Use Facebook ads to target small businesses

How to Reach Business Owners on Facebook: 15 Strategies

Not all of the targeting strategies listed below will be optimal for your business. Keep your buyer personas on hand to take notes as you go through the list.


1. How to Use Facebook Pixel to Target Business Owners

Anyone who advertises on Facebook MUST integrate their website with the Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel is a small piece of code that provides you with additional insight into your audiences and campaigns. You can take the following actions:


  1. Create dynamic ads for users who visited your website via Facebook.
  2. Track conversion rates across multiple devices.
  3. Optimize your audience to reach the most likely to act Facebook users.


When you integrate a Facebook Pixel into your website, you can gain a better understanding of metrics such as brand awareness. This is because you’ll know if someone converted simply by viewing your advertisement, regardless of whether they interacted with it.


Additionally, Facebook Pixel is so simple to install that there is no reason not to use it!


2. How to Use Lookalike Audiences on Facebook to Target Business Owners

You can create custom lookalike audiences after connecting a Facebook Pixel to your website. Begin with existing audience-specific criteria. For instance, you could begin with the following groups:


  1. Business-to-business (B2B) visitors who converted to leads after visiting your website as prospects
  2. Converted leads into customers
  3. Your most devoted clients or accounts


Facebook will use its secret sauce to add additional information, allowing you to target the most qualified business owners possible. This is also useful when creating account-based marketing campaigns.


Additionally, you can optimise your lookalike audience using data from your highest-performing customers.


After you’ve created a few lookalike audiences, you can further segment your business owners on Facebook by location, age group, job role, and industry.


3. Use Facebook B2B Advertising to reach Page Admins

Using page administrators as a sole target is not the best strategy. You don’t want to waste money attempting to communicate with a 15-year-old hiding behind a meme page. Rather than that, target administrators of business pages, administrators in specific industries, or combine other categories such as job title.


4. How to Use Media Publications to Target Business Owners on Facebook

Which websites, blogs, or news sources do the owners of your ideal businesses visit? To target their Facebook followers, enter their name into the ad creator.


5. Use Facebook to find businesses with B2B job titles.

By focusing on specific job titles within your audience, you can ensure that your message is more personalised and effective.


For instance, as part of an account-based marketing strategy, you could create distinct Facebook campaigns for distinct roles within the same company. To reach out to business owners, go for the gold!


6. Utilize Facebook’s business-to-business advertising to target specific interests and industries

Facebook’s advanced ad segments provide a plethora of targeting options and subcategories, including banking, design, and technology.


7. Connect with B2Bs who have recently started a new position

To target business owners on Facebook, you’ll want to combine ad categories here. Begin by adding the title “CEO” to the job description. Following that, instruct the advertising tool to target users who have recently begun a new job.


8. Facebook Business Owners Who Accept Payments via Facebook

This ingenious category enables you to target not only those who have spent money on Facebook in the last three months, but also the high rollers. Reaching business owners on Facebook, key decision-makers, or B2Bs in control of company budgets is facilitated by targeting this group.


9. Create Facebook Ads for B2B Businesses Based on Technology Usage

Are you the founder of a B2B SaaS startup? This is the category you’re looking for. You can combine management roles with those of high-tech users or owners who dive headfirst into new technology:


Additionally, you can target management-level individuals based on their device, browser, or operating system – ideal for an account-based strategy or software marketing.


10. Identify and contact event organisers for business-to-business events

While events may look different in 2020, they remain a critical component of B2B networking and marketing. Concentrate on business owners who have recently organised an event or are interested in webinars.


11. How to Use Your Email List to Target Business Owners on Facebook

Facebook allows you to upload your email list in order to target leads with customised ads. To personalise your campaigns, segment your subscriber list by job title (in this case, owner) and stage of the buying cycle.


12. Fine-tune Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy by Targeting Businesses

Conduct effortless ABM campaigns for CEOs at your target companies. Employer demographics can be used to create unique campaigns for each organization’s various job roles.


13. How to Use Facebook to Target Business Owners from Specific Generations

Twenty-one percent of millennials employed in B2B hold C-level positions, and countless others hold decision-making positions. Technologically savvy millennial buyers expect content that empowers them and simplifies their lives.


Prior to selecting a specific age group, narrow your targeting by industry and job title. For example, you could run similar campaigns for C-level employees, but with language tailored to each generation.


14. Use Your Followers (or a Competitor’s) on Facebook to Reach Business Owners

Facebook makes it incredibly simple to connect with the customers of your competitors. Simply insert a competitor’s page (or several):


Add your target job title to this to reach owners or C-level employees. Alternatively, you can reach out to the Facebook friends of your current followers who share a similar demographic to that of a business owner.


15. Utilize Advertisements Target Small Businesses on Facebook

Occasionally, the businesses you’re looking to reach lack a significant enough presence on the platform to appear in Facebook’s employer listing. Simply select the small business owner demographic.



Then, using additional demographics such as digital behaviour, location, and interests, narrow your search to reach the precise type of business owners you’re looking for.


Determine the Most Effective Way to Reach Business Owners on Facebook

Do not be discouraged if your Facebook B2B advertising does not immediately produce the results you desire. It takes time to develop the best strategy for targeting business owners on Facebook.


Each of your buyers and their respective businesses is distinct. Keep an eye on your metrics and experiment with new things!

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