The Advantages of Marketing Automation

1. Effectiveness.

First and foremost, marketing automation increases the efficiency of the entire department. You may be able to reduce staffing expenses while freeing up your team’s time to focus on more crucial, strategic projects.

Marketing automation software can automate daily social media posting instead of requiring manual intervention.

This allows your team to devote more time to creative tasks, such as planning and brainstorming for upcoming campaigns and projects.

In addition, working in an automation platform will simplify the tasks of your team. Your team can create social media posts, email nurturing campaigns, blog posts, and landing pages using the same software. This will ultimately save your team time when creating campaigns.


2. Marketing and sales alignment.

By combining your sales and marketing automation efforts through the use of the same software, you will be able to align your company’s objectives and efforts.

In essence, it will facilitate the transition from marketing qualified leads to sales qualified leads.

In fact, marketing automation can increase sales productivity by 14.5 percent and reduce marketing expenses by 12.2 percent.

Additionally, it can help you generate more leads and boost sales. Your marketing team will spend more time strategizing ways to increase the conversion rate, whereas your sales team will increase its output. It’s a win-win situation.


3. Boost the conversion rate.

In addition to increasing conversion rates, marketing automation can also improve the efficiency of your team.

Marketing automation software can assist you in improving your conversion rate and lead management.

Your marketing automation software will track your leads, and you can even use it to retarget non-converting website visitors, thereby increasing your CRO.

Again, marketing automation should provide your team with additional time to evaluate your marketing strategy and determine how to convert visitors.


4. Accurate reporting.

Reporting your analytics can be a daunting task, but marketing automation platforms make it unnecessary.

You should be able to generate automated reports with your software. Suddenly, a difficult task is made easier.

In addition, marketing automation platforms can provide an overview of the entire process. This will aid in identifying complications and points of friction. With precise, streamlined reporting, it is possible to identify where things are going wrong.

During your lead nurturing email campaigns, do leads drop off? Or does it occur during the sales process? In either case, accurate analytics will help you identify these issues and address them promptly.


5. A strategy for personalised marketing.

As your team spends less time on manual data entry and more time creating, marketing automation software will enable them to create more personalised content through its segmentation and reporting capabilities.

With marketing automation, you can utilise multiple channels to target your persona. You can reach them through social media, search ads, and email campaigns.

How does marketing automation make this possible?

Once you know who your leads are, you can segment them based on their behaviours or characteristics.

The entire process of lead nurturing should be personalised — did someone read a blog post about sales conferences? Perhaps your email nurturing leads includes an invitation to a sales conference that your team is hosting.

This allows you to send personalised messages to your leads and track their engagement. Additionally, this will aid in lead scoring.


6. Lead Scoring

When a marketing qualified lead becomes a sales qualified lead, marketing automation software can notify your sales team and update the lead’s score.

This again demonstrates the improved alignment between your marketing and sales departments. In addition, the process is automated, making it easier and real-time. This means that no time is wasted and your sales team can immediately contact prospects.


7. Data management.

Not to repeat myself, but marketing automation platforms will monitor the engagement of your leads with your website.

This makes data management easier than ever before. Additionally, it updates your data automatically.


8. Scala able processes.

When establishing marketing systems and procedures, it is essential to consider scalability. Can this process expand with your organisation? If it is not scalable, it will be difficult for your company to grow.

Marketing automation will help you create scalable processes. The more manual and dependent on a single individual a process is, the more difficult it will be to scale as the team grows.


9. Lead Nurturing

In addition, marketing automation facilitates lead nurturing. The software for marketing automation is where you will create drip email campaigns and track their success.

Without lead nurturing, it will be more difficult to convert leads into sales prospects.

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